Oh, Hello Spring

If you have been lucky enough, as we have in the Midlands, to have had the past few days bright and clear, it really does feel like Spring has finally arrived (I know Winter only lasts the usual months but sometimes it feels longer). At the allotment, things are springing up all over the placeContinue reading “Oh, Hello Spring”

Are You Application Ready?

Last October, I posted a quick Dos and Don’ts Guide to managing your grant, inspired by my experiences running the grants admin for AIM. Talking to projects that had been funded, and more widely within my network, I realise we’ve now reached the point where we fling out applications willy nilly, almost a Pavlovian responseContinue reading “Are You Application Ready?”

Welcome to 2022

Prefer to listen to this as a podcast? You can find it on anchor.fm. I’ve been quite cautious about wishing people a happy new year. There was a lot of celebrating when 2021 dawned and promises that it was going to be the best year ever and then, well, the year unfolded the way itContinue reading “Welcome to 2022”

Managing Your Grant

Rare is the museum that doesn’t, at some point, have to apply for a grant. Or two. Or several. As the demands on what we do grow exponentially against our budgets, we necessarily turn to funders to help us get our projects off the ground. Or in some cases, just keep the doors open. AndContinue reading “Managing Your Grant”

New Stories, New Audiences

Having been involved in fundraising for most of my career, I know how hard it can be to find a grant that fits the smaller museum. The one that has few, if any, paid staff, where the visitor numbers are modest and the hopes high. The expectations of a lot of funding streams can feelContinue reading “New Stories, New Audiences”