Your Team

Your museum or heritage site is only as good as its team! Your staff, volunteers and trustees are the front line of the visitor experience, your advocates within the community and your support when times are challenging. Good communication and simple appreciation will help carry your team with you.

Let me help you build and sustain the team your museum needs and to manage the needs of your team.

And You!

No matter how long you’ve been established in a career in heritage and museums, it is normal to feel like you could be doing better, or that you’ve perhaps become a little jaded in your current role. Or you may have been struggling with the pressures of working within an industry that’s been so hard hit by recent events.

I can support you by providing an experienced, confidential ear. I understand the pressures you’re under and can help you come to solutions that really work. I run confidential, 45 minute guidance sessions where we’ll talk about your situation, the demands on your time and work out practical, easy-to-implement solutions. Contact me for more details.

Let’s make our work spaces better.

Services include:

  • Team structure review
  • Skills audit
  • Building your team
  • Team communication skills
  • Volunteer recruitment and management
  • Team support
  • Mentoring and training
  • Guidance sessions personally tailored for you

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