New Stories, New Audiences

Having been involved in fundraising for most of my career, I know how hard it can be to find a grant that fits the smaller museum. The one that has few, if any, paid staff, where the visitor numbers are modest and the hopes high. The expectations of a lot of funding streams can feel beyond the small museum.

So I’m very excited to have been chosen to be the freelance Grants Officer for the New Stories New Audiences grant that the Association of Independent Museums launched at their conference in June!

A partnership with the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and aimed specifically at the small museum, with an understanding of the unique challenges they face, this is a grant programme that encourages you to expand your horizon, develop new projects by working collaboratively with new partners and community groups, and to tell the stories that are currently missing from your local heritage.

Interested? You can see the grant programme details here. There will be workshops, led by me, to help guide through the process. The first 2 were oversubscribed, and the next one will be in September, so sign up to the AIM newsletter to be among the first to hear about it!

If you want to chat about the grant, you can contact me for this one at

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