Volunteers Have Value!

This is a subject very on my mind at the moment as I’ve been completing NLHF progress reports for clients. Their projects all have a wide variety of volunteers doing a wide variety of tasks and, as we all know, the time volunteers give has a monetary value that NLHF, ACE and other funders recognise.

Of course, we all know that our volunteers are beyond value…in the best possible way! Without them, heritage organisations simply wouldn’t be able to function.

From the person making the cups of tea for the team meetings, to the treasurer on the board. From the person researching a specific piece of history, to the person coming in once a week to weed the courtyard. These are all vital roles that your organisation couldn’t manage without (or they could but what are meetings without tea??) and each one has a value that funders will, in most cases, put against the match-funding you’re required to do.

So, for those of you struggling to remember how much that value is, or whether someone falls into one of the 3 categories, I’ve created a handy graphic for you to download and pin somewhere you can easily refer back to when completing those reports.

Download it here:

Happy calculating!

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