Oh, Hello Spring

If you have been lucky enough, as we have in the Midlands, to have had the past few days bright and clear, it really does feel like Spring has finally arrived (I know Winter only lasts the usual months but sometimes it feels longer). At the allotment, things are springing up all over the place and it feels like the same energy has transferred to my clients!

Yesterday, we ran the final Mental Health First Aid for Museum Professionals workshop. This was a half-day workshop, certified by Mental Health First Aid England, lead by Dawn Collins. I’ve found these sessions absolutely fascinating and am so glad they’ve had the take up they have.

I now feel better equipped to spot the signs of distress and mental health decline, in colleagues as well as clients; how to create a safe space to talk in; how to broach that conversation in the first place; and, most importantly, how to support someone through the process to better mental health. I’ll certainly be using that knowledge to develop resources for clients, draft policies and resources you’ll be able to download from the website.

Now certified MHFA Aware

My next workshop, Are You Application Ready?, has sold out, which is fantastic! That’s the last workshop I’ll be running in this quarter. Work for clients will take priority during the next quarter, so my next set of workshops won’t be until July.

Speaking of clients, I’m very pleased to be working with Hundred Heroines to develop some grant applications for them, and with Share Museums East to deliver the programme “Taking the Mystery out of Diversity”. I love Norfolk, so can’t wait for the chance to travel over and meet the SME team again.

I’ll leave you now with an exercise learned at the MHFA training. Designed to reduce stress, calm the adrenaline that surges when we’re on the verge of a panic attack, or simply to give you a moment to meditate without the need for complete quiet or breathing techniques. It really resonated with me and is something I’ll certainly be adopting in the future. Why not try it now?

Simply: close your eyes and picture your happy place. Somewhere you love being, outside, in nature. It could be a beach, a forest, the top of a hill or just your garden. Got the image? Now, list:

  • 4 things you can see
  • 3 things you can touch
  • 2 things you can hear
  • 1 thing you can taste/smell

Simple. 4-3-2-1 from your happy place. I hope you find it as helpful as I did.

Let’s look after ourselves.

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