Are You Application Ready?

Last October, I posted a quick Dos and Don’ts Guide to managing your grant, inspired by my experiences running the grants admin for AIM. Talking to projects that had been funded, and more widely within my network, I realise we’ve now reached the point where we fling out applications willy nilly, almost a Pavlovian response to news of a new grant scheme.

Isn’t that exhausting? How often are you scoring a hit with those applications? And just how much of your time is that taking up? Be honest! More time than you really want to admit to. We’ve all taken applications home to ‘have a quick look at it’. And that quick look turns into hours of work when you could be switching off.

So before you reach for the next funding application, why not stop and consider the following:

  • Do you have a project in mind?
  • Is that project a good fit for your museum?
  • Is it a good fit for the potential funder’s aims?
  • Does the project have the support of your team?

I was recently advising a client about their next grant application and asking them exactly those questions. When we hit a ‘No’ answer, we worked out ways to help them reach a ‘Yes’. By the end of the session, they were in a better place to start working on an application: the project was defined, it had the support and, more importantly, it was a good fit for the funder. We’d avoided the dreaded Cinderella’s Shoe syndrome!

This year, to help more organisations get themselves application ready, and to build on my 2022 motto of “Work Better”, I’ve developed a workshop for museums, designed to help them map their way through the application process. From that first glimmer of a thought of a project, through to pressing submit on the application.

We’ll be looking at those crucial first questions, assessing your’s and the museum’s capacity, matching your aims with funder outcomes, and how to plan for managing a grant once you get it. At the end, you’ll have a guide to not only planning your next application, but also how to effectively manage it once you’ve got that crucial “grant awarded” notification!

The first workshop will be on 29th March at 10.30am and costs £30 per person. A workbook resource will be emailed to you as part of the workshop. You can book by emailing me direct (tcollettconsultancy[@], by filling in the contact form, or by clicking on this Eventbrite link. Individual organisation or person sessions can be arranged.

Let’s talk. Let’s work better.

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