Welcome to 2022

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I’ve been quite cautious about wishing people a happy new year. There was a lot of celebrating when 2021 dawned and promises that it was going to be the best year ever and then, well, the year unfolded the way it did.

I’m trying not to put too much pressure on this new year.

What I am wishing people is balance. This feels like a very important thing to be working towards this year. In my own case, I’m moving to create more online resources, training and materials to support museum professionals who, from the ones I’ve been speaking to, are feeling completely battered by the past 2 years.

This, obviously, starts with the first, in what I’ll hope will be a recurring programme, Mental Health First Aid for Museum Professionals workshops. Each stand-alone session will equip attendees with the knowledge, skills and resources they need to look after themselves and their teams.

I’ll follow this up with some online resources that support that learning and help you achieve a better working situation, including my new Guidance sessions (more on those another time). I want to help us work better.

And for myself? I’ll be putting what I preach into practice, starting by actually going out and visiting some museums this year (2021 was mostly about heritage sites and gallery visits!), not just reading the theory and Zooming around the country. The recent televised archeaological finds have reignited my love for paleontology and natural history collections, so Oxford and the Lapworth can expect a visit, at the very least!

I’m also doing more writing, including copywriting for websites, which I just LOVE, so I’m keen to build that side of things up. Spending all day with a blank page and a good supply of coffee? Heaven.

Whatever 2022 has instore for you already, I wish you balance.

Dinosaurs at the magnificent Lapworth at Birmingham University. More of this in 2022 please!

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