How are you all?

Mental Health First Aid Training
21st January 2022
25th February 2022
Designed to support museum professionals.

Haven’t the past 18 months taken a toll on all museum professionals? Whether you were furloughed and worried about your career, juggling working from home and home schooling, or frantically spinning plates to try and raise the funding to keep your museum open?

Whatever your situation during the lockdowns, it’s likely you would have been feeling a whole range of emotions, reaching something close to burnout. We are still processing these while trying to carry on as though it’s business as usual.

It’s okay. I’ve got your back.

I asked Dawn Collins, a practised and respected Mental Health First Aid trainer, for her advice and if we could come up with some support. She’s worked with a wide range of clients, large and small, including charities, and I’m really pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up to create 2 4-hour workshops for you all.

During the workshops, we will cover:

  • what is mental health
  • the Mental Health continuum
  • factors which affect Mental Health
  • stigma
  • stress and stress management
  • spotting signs of distress
  • Mental Health conditions (including depression and anxiety disorders)
  • recovery
  • starting a supportive conversation
  • supporting Mental Health in the workplace
  • useful statistics and helpful resources.

Ordinarily, this training costs £125 per person, but in order to support as many of you as possible, we’ve reduced this to £75.

You only need to attend one of the workshops, which will be held via Zoom. All conversation during the workshops will be treated as confidential. There will be scheduled breaks and support for anyone who feels vulnerable during the session. Registering on this training via a link you will be sent, will automatically order your course materials.  At the end of the training, you will be certified as ‘Mental Health Aware’ by MHFA England CIC.

You can access more information by clicking the download link (opens Word document) below, but if you’d like to ask specific questions or to book your place, fill in the contact form underneath and we’ll take it from there.

Update: the workshop on the 21st January is now full and bookings have closed. There are spaces available on the 25th February. If you can’t make that and are interested in attending, please fill in the form below. If there’s enough demand, we’ll run it again!

Let’s look after ourselves.

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