It’s all about the timing

Talk about picking the right moment to set up my own consultancy! With the entire heritage world in lock down, what on earth can a consultant offer? More importantly, how on earth can a museum expect to survive this?

The good news is that you can expect to survive it, and there are a myriad ways in which you can. Digital technology has moved at such a pace that meetings are easily, even for the techno-phobes, held online. Social media and newsletters keep you in touch with your audience. Online shopping and fundraising solutions are great ways of making sure there’s still some income coming in. Event planning, policy reviews, preparing for Accreditation, reviewing interpretation and collections, researching grants…these are just a handful of the ways you can keep your museum feeling alive even during these unprecedented times.

And what can a consultant offer? Well, during the lockdown, I’m offering each new client a free 60 minute consultation where we can chat through your concerns, work out the priorities and look at some ways to address them. Need a follow up report? These are half price right now.

To book your free consultation, get in touch via the form on the Contact page. Together, we’ll get through this!